Growing Leaders: Changing The Way We Think About Our Kids

1. The Struggle is Real

     A. 3 Keys:

       1. Situations that are in my control

       2. Situations that are out of my control

       3. Situations that are within my influence

     B. The Support We Need

2. What We Have to Keep in Mind

     A. The Biggest Predictor of Success in Life

     B. How We Can Help Our Kids Have Balance

        1. Expand the scorecard for our kids.

       2. Gamify the process.

       3. Give them opportunities to practice soft skills.

       4. Prepare your child for the grind of adulthood.

       5. Reward waiting.

       6. Tell lots of stories.

3. 5 Things We Need to do to Change How We Think

       1. Don’t think inform, think interpret

       2. Don’t think do it for them, think help them do it

       3. Don’t think impose, think expose

       4. Don’t think protect, think prepare

       5. Don’t think cool, think real