True Faith Acts

I. Actions of Faith

     A. Begins in the heart

     B. Comes from the Word

     C. Reflect a relationship with God

     D. Treat people fairly

     E. Are inspired by the judgement and mercy of God

II. Faith and Good Deeds

     A. Faith without deed is dead

     B. Good deeds without faith is not enough

     C. Faith is expressed through good deeds


What we are being called to is a true and authentic faith.  It is a faith that changes us completely.  It shows up in everything that we do.

When you take a look at your life, using the word of God to reveal who you truly are, what actions come to mind? Are they wrong actions that you need to end, or good actions that you need to begin?

Challenge you to commit to action.

1. Remove a wrong behavior- not a bad habit, but something that you know you need God’s help to walk away from.  You may even need help from others, accountability and encouragement.

2. God is laying something on your heart.  You need to respond and follow through with the good intention that you have had.

Maybe you need to belong to God before you start thinking about right and wrong, you need to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.