The Parables of Jesus: Stories About The Message

I. Soil and seeds

     A. The path

          1. Seeds are eaten off of the path

          2. The soil is too hard

     B. Rocky Soil

          1. Seeds grow quickly in rocky soil, then wither

          2. The soil is too shallow for roots to reach water

     C. Weeds

          1. Seeds grow among weeds, but are choked

          2. Other plants receive what the seed should have

     D. Good Soil

          1. Seeds grow in good soil

          2. The plants produce a crop

II. The message received

     A. The path

          1. The message lands on hard hearts

          2. The devil takes it away

     B. Rocky Soil

          1. The message fills them with joy

          2. Without roots, they fall away

     C. Weeds

          1. They hear and grow

          2. Faith is choked by worries, riches, and pleasures

     D. Good Soil

          1. The message is heard and retained

          2. They grow, and produce a crop

III. Wheat and weeds

     A. Sowing

          1. Good seeds

          2. Weeds

     B. Growth

          1. Both plants grew

          2. Weeding uproots wheat

     C. Harvest

          1. Plants are gathered separately

          2. Weeds are bundled

          3. Wheat is placed in the barn

IV. The world as a field

     A. Our response to the message determines our allegiance

          1. Some align with the kingdom

          2. Some align with the enemy

     B. There are consequences that come from our decision

          1. The weeds are pulled up and burned

          2. The wheat belongs with the Father