Worship Ministry Team


Parkview's Worship Ministry consists of volunteers that are a part of our Church family. We are made up of people who really love to serve, love to play music, create and do a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure our Sunday Morning Service runs smoothly! We aren't all professionals, but we recognize the talents that God has given us and want to honor Him by serving with our gifts.


We believe that we were created to Worship. As a Church we recognize that Worship isn't only an important piece of our Sunday Morning Service, but it is also a part of our everyday lives. We want to surrender our every moment to God allowing Him to work through us. We love being able to kick start our week leading Worship through song, reading of the Word and prayer as we respond to the grace and the truth of Jesus Christ.


If you are interested in being a part of the Worship team we have several valuable spots you can serve in. We have behind the scenes crew: Sound Tech, Light Tech and Computer Tech. We have the upfront crew: Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist, Drummers, and Keyboard Players. If you are interested in serving please fill out the short application below.